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We Build Your Sales Pipeline With B2B Lead Generation

Our Outbound Sales solutions help enterprises generate
a predictable pipeline of deals and qualified leads.

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Kickstart Your Outbound
Sales, Book More Sales Calls,
And Close More Deals

The Old Way

Getting generic leads from Upwork or Fiverr
Receiving spam complaints and getting your email banned
Having low open rates and CTR on your email campaigns
Reaching out to prospects but not getting any replies
Going after broad industries in a non-personalized way


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Get in-front of customers actively looking for your products or services
Receive pre-qualified appointments on your email and calendar
Put deals under contract with predictability and consistency Spend time only with qualified contacts and prospects

Spend time only with qualified contacts and prospects

Receive guaranteed appointments every month without lifting a finger

Engage Your Ideal Clients
With Outbound Sales Campaigns

1. We Define Your Dream 100 Clients
Using Premium Sales Data

Our team of experts generates targeted prospect lists using our
qualification and vetting process. As these prospects are receptive to your service offering, you stay relevant and spam-free.

2. We Engage With Leads And Book Sales Calls With Personalized Messages

We connect with, engage, and follow up with your prospects for you, using multi-channel LinkedIn, Email, and Ad campaigns. Turn your prospect list into lifelong relationships and close more deals than before.

3. We Optimize And Scale Your Campaigns To Meet Your Sales Targets

Our team provides takes steps to ensure your campaigns are performing according to our standards and provides you with weekly and monthly insights. We then scale your campaigns to 10k+ leads/month.

Everything You Need To Grow Your
Business Faster Than Ever

1. Outbound Strategy

Our talented B2B Campaign Strategists combine top-notch copywriting with your value proposition and our data platform to define the optimal strategy for your industry.

2. Ideal Customer Profile Validation

We’ll help you identify and target your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with our premium sales data to maximize campaign efficiency.

3. Multi-Channel Outreach

We create personalized outreach flows for every niche we target to ensure increased relevance and replies from prospects.

4. Campaign Optimization

We use our 6-step optimization process to ensure we reach our target KPIs with Outbound Sales within 3-4 months.

5. Real-time Sales Reporting

You get your own dedicated dashboard where you can track the performance of campaigns in real time.

We Help You Leverage A Sales Team
Without Having To Hire

Generated Over $1.2M Annual Revenue In 12 Months

Oliver From New York, US

“In just weeks after our campaigns had gone live, we generated our first deal. 

Then in a period of 12 months, we were able to generate sales amounting to over $1M. SalesCaptain has helped us grow faster and expand to the U.S. with their Outbound expertise.”


Boston, Massachusetts


Palm Harbour Florida


Oxford, Mississippi

Here Are Some Of The Questions
We Get Asked A Lot

We ve worked with hundreds of businesses that had some questions before signing
up with us. Here are the most common questions and answers.
Will this work for brand new businesses?

Definitely! In fact, if you’re just starting your business, one of the best ways to get the word out there, collect feedback and make the first sales for your business is Outbound Sales.

Does this work in a unique market?

Yes, as long as you can point to the companies or individuals that could potentially be good clients for your business, we can make it work.

How quickly can I get started?

Your Outbound Sales system will be live in 2-3 weeks after booking your strategy call.

Does this work without a LinkedIn profile?

Yes, no LinkedIn account necessary. We work with email, LinkedIn, and Messenger as our platforms.

What makes SalesCaptain so special?

Our unique process, the hand-picked leads lists we put together, the fact that every one of our team members has 5+ years in Outbound Sales, and our success stories.

Do I pay more for extra leads?

Our packages include more leads per month than you’ll ever need. If you make sure your conversion rate is high enough (above 10%) and think that you can benefit for more leads, you can pay for extra leads.

Will this will work for me?

So far our processes and templates have scaled SaaS businesses, agencies, service providers, fintech companies, both big and small. If our case studies haven’t convinced you yet, book a call and let’s see if this could work for your business.

Does this work with my current CRM?

Yes, our team will integrate your outbound campaigns and sales automations with your CRM. We have native integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and every CRM that has a Zapier integration.

Do I also need to run ads?

No, you don’t, but in case you do we can provide audience lists for your campaign managers to use, producing a true omnichannel Marketing & Sales campaign to maximize your results.

Do I pay for every lead generated?

No. We have a fixed monthly fee that covers Lead Generation, Prospecting, Campaign Management and all related costs.

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